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Final Announcement for MEMRO 2009 meeting at Stanford this week June 24-28

This is the final announcement for the Middle Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology (MEMRO) meeting this week at Stanford University.

Please visit the MEMRO Home Site for general information and the 
Discussion Site for the detailed program list and abstracts. 

On the Discussion Site you can follow live comments being posted about the
oral presentations and posters during the meeting. If you are not able
to attend the meeting, but wish to post a comment, you can do so by sending 

Local Organizing Committee:
Sunil Puria, PhD;  Program Chair
Richard L. Goode, MD; Co-Chair
Charles R. Steele, PhD; Co-Chair
Rob Jackler, MD
Rodney Perkins, MD
Gerald Popelka, PhD
Nikolas Blevins, MD

Scientific Committee:
Albrecht Eiber, PhD; Stuttgart, Germany
Richard L. Goode, MD; Stanford, USA
Kiyofumi Gyo, MD; Matsuyama, Japan
Alex Huber, MD; Zurich, Switzerland
K-B Hüttenbrink, MD; Cologne, Germany
Saumil Merchant, MD; Boston, USA
Sunil Puria, PhD;  Stanford, USA
John J. Rosowski, PhD; Boston, USA
Charles R. Steele, PhD; Stanford, USA
Susan Voss, PhD;  Northhampton, USA

International Guest Faculty:
Daniel F. àWengen, MD; Basil, Switzerland
Andreas Arnold, MD; Berne, Switzerland
Irina Arechvo, MD; Vilnius, Lithuania
Thomas Beleites, MD; Dresden, Germany
Dirk Beutner, MD; Colgne, Germany
Jin-Ho Cho, PhD; Tague, South Korea
Wim Decraemer, PhD; Antwerp, Belgium
Joris J.J. Dirckx, PhD; Antwerp, Belgium
Robert Funnell, PhD; Montréal, Canada
Michael Gaihede, MD; Århus, Denmark
Rong Gan, PhD; Oaklahoma City, USA
Dough Keefe, PhD; Omaha, USA
Geoffrey Manley, PhD; München, Germany
Hato Naohito, MD; Ehime, Japan
Peter Narins, PhD; Los Angeles, USA
Elizabeth S. Olson, PhD; New York, USA
Stefan Stenfelt, PhD; Linköping, Sweden
Margaret G. Wismer, PhD; Urbana-Champagne, USA
Thomas Zahnert, MD; Dresden, Germany

Thank you!

Sunil Puria, PhD

Stanford University

Depts. of ME & OHNS

OtoBiomechanics Group


5th International Middle Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology meeting: http://memro2009.stanford.edu