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deadline approching BSA

This years British Society of Audiology Short papers meeting on
Experimental Studies of Hearing and Deafness to be hosted by the
Hearing and Balance Centre, at the University of Southampton on
September 17th & 18th 2009.

This meeting has a long history as being an intimate, low-cost
conference that brings together young and old(ish) researchers from
Britain and overseas in a relaxed, informal environment. Information
about the conference can be found at


To encourage the participation of more young researchers from around
the globe we have funding for a number of student scholarships for
young researchers that help towards the cost of conference fees,
accommodation and travel. Please apply by email.

The deadline for provisonal titles is beginning of July, so hurry!


Stefan Bleeck

Dr. Stefan Bleeck
Senior Lecturer
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
Room 4093, Tizard building (13)
Tel.: 02380 596682
email: bleeck@xxxxxxxxxxx