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Perception as memory...

Mitchell Cotter <mcotter7@xxxxxxxxx>
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Peter, Hi:

Regarding the very important comments of Dr. Peter Lennox in his email ofthis morning (second paragraph):

I would like reinforce those notions as they are very important to understanding Perception as the fundamental aspect it represents for individual life forms:

One may look upon Perception as the ensemble of means an individual animal employs to operate in its environment. Sensing both internal and external factors Perception is at the very core of individual identity.

So it is certainly connected with the neural process of �comprehension�.Perception is even more, a constant autonomic stimulus flow process allowing the individual to navigate in its environment. As such it is for the individual an origin of its self-identity.Operating over time the sensory data becomes both backward looking and forward looking by means of the ensemble of neural capacities.Memory operates at many levels on both the backward and forward aspects.�� Without memory sensory interaction could only be reflex-like and any semblance of �perception� would not be possible.Experiments in total sensory deprivation reveal that without the full flow of sensory input the individual becomes operationally impaired!

A further illumination from nature comes from examination of the sensory architecture in some organs. One finds examples of selective evolutionary development that deliver their information as data streams to the individual. The distribution of such data flow in time utilizes the essence of memory processes.�� This sensory integration with data flow over time seems therefore quite essential to the individual�s survival in its environment.

No surprise that the flow of sensory data is integral to perception.


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