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Re: Perception as memory ...

The memory part is remembering how to defocus the eyes.

This was brought up elsewhere in the question regarding transferability of the task of segregation in auditory (streaming) training.

In machine-modeling of perception and perceptual tasks, or perceptual development, are there any models that dispense with memory?



On 2009, Aug 24, at 3:49 PM, Eliot Handelman wrote:

Kevin Austin wrote:
If 'perception' can be developed, I feel that this development is a matter of memory development, and the associated aspects of memory that relate to categorization.
An interesting counterexample is perhaps the 3d cg stereograms popular in the 90s. You have to "learn" to perceive these -- eg by learning to relax your focus and trying other tricks. But once you've figured it out, your built-in stereoscopic processes kick in and the rest is automatic. In what way does memory or categorization figure in this learning? Or should this not be called perceptual development?
 -- eliot