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Subject: CFP - 3rd International Workshop on Interactive Sonification, KTH, Stockholm, April 7, 2010

Apologies for double posting

Dear all,

we would like to announce the following event:

3rd International Workshop on Interactive Sonification
April 7, 2010
KTH, School of Computer Science and Communication, Stockholm, Sweden

The overall number of attendees will be *strictly limited* (to about 40),
and priority will be given to attendees that submit and present
novel and interesting work on Interactive Sonification.

It would help us to hear very early if you plan to attend or/and to submit work.

This workshop is intended as a forum for newcomers and all those
interested in tightly-closed loop human-computer systems involving
sonification. Work in progress is also very welcome, if there are relevant
novel ideas, new approaches, techniques or applications to report.

Please see the above website for full details, and the call for papers.

Best regards

the organizer,
/Roberto Bresin

Roberto Bresin, PhD
Associate Professor
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
CSC School of Computer Science and Communication
TMH Dept of Speech, Music and Hearing
Lindstedtsv. 24, SE-114 28  STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

url   : www.speech.kth.se/~roberto
skype : robertobresin
mob   : +46 (70) 795 78 76
tel   : +46 (8)  790 78 76
fax   : +46 (8)  790 78 54