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Re: Talking piano

hi all -

spectral investigation is quite common in electroacoustic music -- the sine wave example of the Frost poem that Ani just sent reminded me of Charles Dodge's "Speech Songs", made at the Columbia/Princeton electronic music center in the early 70's:


if you can synthesize speech with a bank of oscillators, you can probably do it with a piano too... you would just have to make sacrifices when it came to organizing overtone series and realizing noise components.

for example, in the German video, hard consonants "t" and "d" are all rendered using the top-most note of the piano, which i'm sure most musicians would agree doesn't really make much of a pitch, it's more of a "smack" :) a piano also isn't capable of making the "shh" sound. perhaps he should put some little scrapers on servo motors and rig up some percussion equipment.

i wonder if a Disklavier would be capable of doing this ?


On Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Tony Miller wrote:
The demo is real.  The Wein Modern is Venice's contemporary music
festival.  3sat is German public television.  Peter Ablinger, who
created the MIDI controlled mechanical device that strikes the piano
keys, is a well known Austrian contemporary music composer.


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