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Wireless electrophysiology technique question.

 I am setting up some
awake behaving bats and gerbils and am using head mounted microdrive with
tetrodes (made in house (1.5g)) and a tether. I am recording auditory responses
from the amygdala in these animals. I have some movement noise at the moment as
I don’t have a commutator, I am reluctant to buy one as they can be noisy
(sound noise not electrical noise) in higher frequencies, which is bad for both
the mice and the bats.  I am however
toying with the idea of going wireless. TBSI make a 16 channel wireless
headstage that is pretty small (3g), has anyone used it? Does anyone know if there
any drawbacks to using wireless systems? Or know of a commutator for small
animals that is quiet across frequencies? 
Thanks for your help
Jazz Grimsley