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Re: 'static' bee sound file

Hi Keunwoo,

You can also search on these two websites, you may find something that you can use:


You could select a small portion of a soundfile and duplicate it if needed; with some careful editing you can create a steady sound even if the buzz of the bee changes in the original file.



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Sent: Thursday, 22 October, 2009 13:58:57
Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] 'static' bee sound file

Dear Keunwoo Choi,

Have a look in the UPF Freesound database. Type "bee" here: http://www.freesound.org/searchText.php and see what comes out. These are not professional recording so sample quality is subject to caution. Usually a little DSP is needed to reach what you look for.


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2009/10/22 최근우 <gnu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Dear everyone.




I’m searching for bee sound file. I need a ‘static’ bee sound file, which means the bee doesn’t move therefore there’s no Doppler effect or amplitude variation or anything like that. I’m developing Doppler effect of model-based virtual moving source so I need such a static source.


 I can’t find such a sound file from google. Instead of bee sound a lot, lot of bee gees comes out T T .

 I tried to synthesize using sawtooth wave and linear prediction(as I read from the AES 127 convention paper ‘3d sound synthesis of a honeybee swarm’ and actually it is from Heikki Ahlgren’s master thesis work’Sound synthesis and control of virtual insects’) but it doesn’t give me good result(maybe my fault but I don’t know why T T)



So,… I would really appreciate if anyone send me such a ‘static’ bee sound source! !


Thank you in advance.


Keunwoo Choi




     최근우 Keunwoo Choi