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Re: Request for Papers

Dear Sylvia,

Am 07. Dez. 2009 um 19:25 Uhr schrieb Sylvia Kümmel:
> Thanks for your many and fast replies. I got several requests for
> the papers, so I put them again online via rapidshare (sorry again
> for the advertisements). Here are the links:
> Braasch-Paper:
> http://rapidshare.de/files/48802756/Braasch_-_Acta_Acustica_-_02b.pdf.html
> Bodden-Paper:
> http://rapidshare.de/files/48802755/1993_Bodden_Modeling_human_sound-source_localization_and_the_cocktail-party-effect-0.pdf.html

Sharing is for sure a good thing, but unfortunately these papers are
copyrighted by Hirzel. And as they are selling their papers
they won't be too pleased, if someone is reducing their profit:


As long as we do not have open access laws, you can't legally share what
they claim to be their property. The business model of the publishers
may be questionable, but it is law in force.

To the German list members: if you think that it is wrong that we have
to pay more than two times for scientific publications (for the salery
of the author payed by our taxes, for the publication fee payed by
our taxes, and for the other scientists who have to purchase this
article again from our tax money), please sign the following petitition
to the German Bundestag:


English abstract:


Kind regards,
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