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Re: Materials for psychology course for Music Majors

You should try making contact with Dr. Robert Rowe at NYU:


He has some amazing lectures doing just what you are looking for.


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From: Matthew McCabe <mccabem@xxxxxxx>
Date: Friday, December 11, 2009 10:22 pm
Subject: Materials for psychology course for Music Majors
To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> hi all --
> i'm in the process of developing my first music psychology class here 
> at 
> CSU for this coming Spring semester, and i thought i would ask a 
> really 
> loaded question:
> can anyone recommend introductory-level materials (journal articles 
> or online resources preferable) that i can use to bring undergraduate 
> music majors up to speed on general psychology and auditory perception 
> topics?
> the reason i ask is this:  the majority of them will have never seen 
> anything like this before since the course is for music majors.  our 
> school is very performance-oriented, and it wouldn't surprise me if i 
> had 
> to explain things like the physics of a vibrating string and explain 
> what 
> an overtone is during the first week...  time i don't want to squander.
> i'm looking for easy-to-understand articles on the fundamentals -- 
> auditory perception, cognitive psychology, the scientific method, 
> things 
> like that.  we will be addressing a variety of topics, but i haven't 
> quite 
> nailed down specifically which yet.  in all likelihood we will do 
> things 
> like emotion, memory, and musical meaning, but i need to see how much 
> time 
> i have once we get past the basics.
> if you've taught a course like this before, please let me know what 
> you 
> have used.  i've already chosen our textbook -- William Forde 
> Thompson's 
> "Music, Thought, and Feeling" -- which I like very much.  i think the 
> students will enjoy it if i present it the right way!  many of them 
> have 
> never approached music in this way before and i'm looking forward to 
> messing them up a bit :)
> best,
> m
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> matthew mccabe <mccabem@xxxxxxx>
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> ph.d. candidate :: music composition :: uf college of fine arts
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