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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 14 Dec 2009 to 15 Dec 2009 (#2009-285)

I have a Sony Reader, the reflow on pdfs doesn't work too well for 2 column papers, and if you display the full page it is too small to read.
I've been considering trying to reformat some of my latex based papers to create pdfs of the right size and putting them up on the web. 
A friend has an iRex DR1000S ebook reader, which has a much bigger display and is fine for reading A4 size pdfsof academic papers, so that might be another option.


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Topics of the day:

  1. Digital Book Readers for journal articles
  2. Final Reminder: Audio Engineering Society 128th Convention, London, May
     2010- Call for Papers


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 2009 09:45:43 +0000
From:    Stuart Rosen <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Digital Book Readers for journal articles

Perhaps this is not the right forum for this, but does anyone have any 
experience of trying to use a digital book reader (in particular, the 
Sony Touch Edition) to read pdf's of journal articles? As far as I can 
tell from the specs, it would really be best to have pdf's formatted in 
a very particular way, but it wasn't clear to me whether or not 
arbitrary pdf's would be workable at all.

Thanks for any help --

Yours - Stuart

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Professor of Speech and Hearing Science
Co-director of the UCL Centre for Human Communication
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UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences
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Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 2009 18:11:06 +0000
From:    Josh Reiss <josh.reiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Final Reminder: Audio Engineering Society 128th Convention, London, May 2010- Call for Papers

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message.

AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY 128th Convention, 2010 CALL for PAPERS London, UK
Dates: 2010 May 22 - May 25 **Note revised dates

The AES 128th Convention Committee invites submission of technical papers f=
or presentation at the 2010 May 20 to 23 meeting in London. By 2009 Decembe=
r 18, a proposed title, 60- to 120-word abstract, and 500- to 750-word pr=
=E9cis of the paper must be submitted electronically to the AES 128th propo=
sal submission site at www.aes.org/128th_authors. Submissions will be accep=
ted starting approximately 2009 November 4. Presenting authors (one per pap=
er) who are members of the AES or student members will be required to pay 6=
0% of the member or student convention registration fees and they will rece=
ive a CD-ROM of the papers. Presenting authors who are nonmembers will pay =
the full nonmember registration fee and receive a CD-ROM. Acceptance of pro=
posed papers will be determined by a peer-review committee based on an asse=
ssment of the abstract and pr=E9cis. Presenting authors who are student mem=
bers and whose papers are accepted for presentation will be eligible for th=
e Student Paper Award at the 128th. The pr=E9cis must clearly describe the =
work performed, methods employed, conclusions and significance of the paper=
 with respect to other published work in the field. During the online submi=
ssion process you will be asked to specify whether you prefer to present yo=
ur paper in a lecture or poster session. Highly detailed papers are better =
suited to poster sessions, which permit greater interaction between author =
and audience. The convention committee reserves the right to reassign paper=
s to any session. Whether a lecture or a poster, a complete electronic manu=
script submitted before 2010 March 12 is required before the paper can be a=
ccepted for presentation at the convention. During the submission process, =
authors will be asked if their convention papers should be considered for p=
ossible publication in the AES Journal.=20

Proposed topics for papers include but are not limited to:
Applications in Audio
=A0=A0 Audio for games
=A0=A0 Digital broadcasting
=A0=A0 Forensic audio
=A0=A0 Automotive audio
=A0=A0 Audio for mobile and handheld devices
=A0=A0 Audio in education
=A0=A0 Networked, Internet, and remote audio Audio content management
=A0=A0 Archiving and restoration
=A0=A0 Digital libraries
=A0=A0 Automatic content description
=A0=A0 Audio information retrieval
Audio Processing
=A0=A0 Analysis and synthesis of sound
=A0=A0 Machine listening
=A0=A0 Music and speech signal processing
=A0=A0 High resolution audio
=A0=A0 Audio coding and compression
Recording, Production, and=A0=A0=A0 Reproduction
=A0=A0 Live event and stage audio
=A0=A0 Mixing, remixing, and mastering
=A0=A0 Multichannel and spatial audio
=A0=A0 Room and architectural acoustics
=A0=A0 Sound design and reinforcement
=A0=A0 Studio recording techniques
Audio Equipment
=A0=A0 Microphones, converters, and amplifiers
=A0=A0 Loudspeakers and headphones
=A0=A0 Wireless and wearable audio
=A0=A0 Instrumentation and measurement
=A0=A0 Protocols and data formats
=A0=A0 Audio perception
=A0=A0 Hearing loss, protection, and enhancement
=A0=A0 Listening tests and evaluation
=A0=A0 Speech intelligibility
=A0=A0 Psychoacoustics
Emerging Audio Technologies
=A0=A0 Innovative applications
=A0=A0 Interactive sound
=A0=A0 New audio interfaces
=A0=A0 Web 2.0 technologies
Submission of papers schedule
Proposal deadline: 2009 December 18
Acceptance emailed: 2010 January 20
Paper deadline: 2010 March 12
By 2010 January 20 authors will be advised whether or not their proposed pa=
pers have been accepted.
Please submit proposed title and abstract at www.aes.org/128th_authors no l=
ater than 2009 December 18.
If you have any questions, contact 128th_papers@xxxxxxx

Papers Chair: Peter Mapp, Peter Mapp Associates=20
General Chair: Josh Reiss, Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University =
of London


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