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Re: announcement : free MATLAB Loudness Toolbox

Dear Bruno,

I don't know if I really understood the meaning of your question, but here is what I can tell:
- most of the functions in the toolbox need a Matlab vector as input, corresponding to a signal in Pascal (in order to not be limited to a particular file format and calibration issues). It means that calibration should have been done before the call to the function, if it comes from a Wav file the user should know it,
- concerning the WAV files provided as examples in the toolbox, they have a calibration factor of 1, meaning that wav data are directly in Pa. If you run the Loudness_Validation.m function, it will compute of your PC the figures and plots provided in the file Validation_of_loudness_algorithms-LoudnessToolbox.pdf.

Hope I answered to some of your questions.


Stéphane MOLLA

Stéphane MOLLA


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Le 05/03/2010 00:21, Bruno L. Giordano a écrit :
Dear Stéphane,

I agree with Brian: this is a great tool!

A perhaps naive question: is there an easy procedure for calibrating the toolbox (at the end, a wav file contains no information about presentation level)?

I guess one could do something based on the example wavs, but perhaps your feedback might save me/us some hacking time.



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Stéphane Molla wrote:
Dear colleagues,

GENESIS ACOUSTICS is glad to announce that a complete MATLAB Loudness Toolbox is available for free on its website.
It includes:
- ISO 532B loudness
- ANSI S3.4-2007 loudness
- Zwicker et al model for temporally variable sounds
- Moore et al model for time-varying sounds
- Boullet et al LMIS model for impulsive sounds

The direct link is: http://www.genesis-acoustics.com/index.php?page=32
Or from the Loudness tab from the website www.genesis.fr

We hope this will be useful to students and all actors of the community.
Any feedbacks and remarks are welcome.

Best regards,


*Stéphane MOLLA*


LEA Product Manager / Research Engineer



*/All dimensions of Sound/*//


Domaine du Petit Arbois - BP 69

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