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String fingering project -- volunteers needed

Hi list,

I'm working on a system that automatically fingers string parts,
reporting on difficulty and possibility. The first part of the problem is
to finger  2,3,or 4 part chords on the violin, viola & cello. This
part has been done, and I'm offering the code on my site under the


The second version (for guile scheme) is more current. The first version
offers a library for Objective Caml.

I need volunteer violinists, violists, and cellists to help me test
the system.  Your level doesn't matter.

You can either:
1. download the scheme code from the above URL (you will need guile to run it),
      play around with examples, and notify me of obvious
2. await development of a easy-to-use java applet that
      collects information, which will cost me a
      hopefully unnecessary week of work.
Please write to me off list if you're interested, or if you know
someone who might be interested.

many thanks,

 -- eliot