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Re: Auditory wheel

Yes, they're posted in the hidden directory


They were originally linked to a posting


which accompanied a radio interview with Adriana Salerno for Voice of America (hence the name).

but the links to the sounds from the posting are not active at present.

The sounds should be self-explanatory, particularly in association with the Voice of America text. But I'd be happy to answer any questions about them. I should mention that you need to use a good sound system, or else earphones - the effects can sound very degraded when played straight from computer using the internal speakers. The sounds include (not in this order) -

- a scale that ascends in pitch height by an octave without traversing the pitch class circle
 - a segment from the test administered to the subjects
 - a looping ascending circular scale
 - a looping  descending circular scale
  - a looping ascending gliss
 - a looping descending gliss

Happy listening!



On Mar 18, 2010, at 6:36 PM, Michael H. Coen wrote:

Diana, thank you for this reference!  Do you happen to have any online
samples corresponding to these sounds?


On 3/18/2010 7:49 PM, Diana Deutsch wrote:
Dear Michael, Joachim, et al,

You can also create pitch circularities using full harmonic series,
which shows that the effect can, in principle, be a general one. See:

Deutsch, D., Dooley, K., and Henthorn, T. Pitch circularity from tones comprising full harmonic series. /Journal of the Acoustical Society of
America/, 2008, 124, 589-597.[PDF Document
<http://philomel.com/pdf/JASA-2008_124_589-597.pdf>] [Web Link
<http://scitation.aip.org/vsearch/servlet/VerityServlet?KEY=ASADL&smode=strresults&sort=rel&maxdisp=25&threshold=0&pjournals=ARLOFJ%2CJASMAN%2CNOCOAN%2CSOUCAU%2CPMARCW%2CATCODK%2CASASTR&possible1=henthorn&possible1zone=article&OUTLOG=NO&viewabs=JASMAN&key=DISPLAY&docID=1&page=0&chapter=0 >]


Diana Deutsch

On Mar 18, 2010, at 4:42 PM, Gossmann, Joachim wrote:

Hi -
it seems a fairly direct auditory equivalent of a color wheel is the
phenomenon of "Shepard Tones" that loop in the frequency domain.