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Re: A question on Bekesy.

Hello David !

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>Betreff: Re: A question on Bekesy.
>Over the years our group has dissected many cochleae and I can assure you
>that the endolymph has a viscosity very similar to water.

Yes, thank you, Sir !

In my posting of yesterday, I suspected that Bekesy's "material in the
cochlear duct" is the Claudius cells and the Hensen cells. Now, for 
the Hensen cells, an argument similar to that for the TM holds:
Bekesy knew them well. The Claudius cells, however, are not
mentioned in the index of his 1960 book "Experiments in Hearing".
So the hypothesis "material = Claudius cells" still looks not
completely crazy to me. Can they be "removed with a fine brush" ?


P.S.: Since at the moment the List does not appear to be "overwhelmed",
I shall probably permit myself to post one more cochlear-mechanics message 
(on the stiffness of the human basilar membrane) later today.

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