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Re: A question on Bekesy.


What was the material in the cochlear duct that Bekesy repeatedly
removed from the basilar membrane "with a fine brush" ?

Today I re-consulted the review "Structure of the Mammalian Cochlea"
by the late Norma Slepecki (1996), in the book "The Cochlea", Dallos et al., 
Eds., Springer, New York.

If one looks at her Fig. 2.2, it appears possible that the mentioned material
was the Claudius cells and the Hensen cells. In her Section 2.5.1,
she wrote that the Hensen cells "[...] contain no filament or tubule
bundles." In the Hensen cells there are "lipid droplets, which glisten like
pearls". The Claudius cells resemble the Hensen cells.

The agar that you mentioned yesterday may have played a role, however,
in the BM stiffness measurements presented in Bekesy's Fig. 11-73.
The helicotrema was closed with agar (so that a static pressure difference
across the BM could be applied). That agar may have increased the
BM stiffness near the apex.


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If your real interest is the basilar membrane stiffness gradient, then I
would take Fig. 11-73 on face value. [...]
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