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Re: looking for book: Keidel&Neff 1975 vol V/2


I have a copy of the book.  Evan's review of auditory nerve and cochlear nucleus is quite comprehensive... and long.  Towards the end of the chapter, there is a nice discussion of the empirical data in relation to various models of cochlear and auditory nerve fiber function.  In particular, much of the discussion centers on the classic model of Weiss (1966) relating the discharge of auditory nerve fibers to acoustic stimuli.  Perhaps Evan is suggesting in his paper that his model can account for the vast amount of empirical data presented in the chapter.

There are some great chapters in this book.

(BTW, this book did not come from Doug Creelman.  I picked this book up at 2nd Look Books in Spokane, WA.  A stamp on the inside cover indicates that the book was discarded by the Washington State Univ Library.)

Weiss TF (1966) A model of the peripheral auditory system. Kybernetic 3:153-175.

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Subject: looking for book: Keidel&Neff 1975 vol V/2

Does anyone have a copy of the Handbook of Sensory Physiology, 
Auditory System, Vol. V/2, 1975?  I have Vol. V/3, and have ordered a 
V/1, but the paper I'm looking for now is in V/2:  pp. 1-108 by E. F. 

his later paper says this is where I can find the physiological 
justification for his electronic analogue of cochlear nerve fiber.