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Re: mp3 and the perceptual coding

Houtsma, Adrian (2008).  Perceptually based audio coding.  Chapter 42 in
Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics, Edited by David Havelock, Sonoko
Kuwano and Michael Vorlander, Springer, New York.

(Search on: adrian houtsma perceptual coding)

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Subject: mp3 and the perceptual coding

Dear list members,

I would like to convince to my students that psychophysics can (seldom)
be useful. For this reason, I want to talk about mp3 and perceptual coding.

Is there a book/chapter/paper that you would particularly recommend
about it? There are many things out there, but so far I didn't like much 
any of them. In particular, the characteristics of the perceptual coding 
are always roughly described.

Any suggestion is more than welcome.
Thank you in advance,

ps for those in the northern hemisphere: enjoy the spring!