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Re: Request for information on ICA-Maximum likelihood approach

Hi Vijay,

I'm not sure you could start a Matlab script from scratch to do ICA with Maximum likelihood approach. As far as I've gathered, there's quite a lot of (heavy) maths involved to find equivalent ways to write the initial ICA assumptions - like minimizing the maximum likelihood contrast function. Most of the different ICA implementations start from maximum likelihood (or similar criteria) and differ in the strategies they've used to actually allow calculation. (Does it make sense?)...

That said, apart from the link given by Taylan and Linda, Tony Bell has interesting demos and papers (I'd recommend Bell and Sejnowski, 1995) available on his website:
You might also find JADE (see Cardoso, 1999) or Fast-ICA (see Hyvarinen & Oja, 2000) Matlab implementations interesting "to play with" :


Best regards,

Quoting Vijaykumar Peddinti <vijay@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear All,

This is might be a silly question. But I am trying to do a small project on separating signals using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Maximum likelihood approach for my class. So far the articles I found leave me with more questions than answers. I have never done anything with ICA before. I am lost in the process of finding the information.

It would be of great help if anybody could point me in the correct direction or send me an basic Introductory paper/tutorial (if possible) on ICA (Maximum likelihood approach). I am not trying anything fancy, I am trying to get a basic simulation working in MATLAB.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,