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Re: sound events database

May be I'm confused - but a large dog barking at 5m could very easily present the same audio level generated by a slightly smaller dog at 4m?

So unless you need to reproduce Fido (being a SPECIFIC dog) at 5m (with Fido having been recorded along with an appropriate calibration tone), then I'm not sure this makes a ton of sense.

Surely what you really need is a database of typical SPL levels for certain sound sources at known distances?

I work for a company producing Level D certifiable sound systems for use in the highest fidelity sound systems, and reproduction must EXACTLY match the source aircraft, but once you accept general sounds (as opposed to SPECIFIC ones) there is no reference SPL only representative levels - I face this problem when representing the ground traffic around the aircraft while on the ground (push-back trucks, luggage carts, etc)

- Neil

On Apr 22, 2010, at 9:46 AM, Ernesto Accolti wrote:

Dear Boris,

2010/4/22 Boris Defreville (ORELIA) <boris.defreville@xxxxxxxxx>:
So you'd better look at widely available commercial sound effect CD's

I don't do that because the sounds in these CD's are not calibrated.

Anyway, many thanks.