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Finale export

Many ways. You could use the Graphics Tool and export as 300 dpi tif. These are small files compared to the other methods.



As they say on the Finale list, RTM

> Date:    Mon, 26 Apr 2010 10:53:01 -0400
> From:    Beste Kalender <beste.kalender@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: help request about FINALE
> Dear list,
> I would like to use some figures from some FINALE files on my article.  
> I cannot transfer them into a Pdf file because I need high resolution.  
> Is there anyone who knows if there is a way to save the  FINALE files  
> in some format that can be imported into a graphics program?
> Your help is much appreciated.
> Beste Kalender
> M.A., PhD Candidate
> Department of Psychology
> University of Toronto Mississauga