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Re: sex differences in perception of environmental sounds

Hi Joanna,

My colleague Valeriy Shafiro and I have both done quite a bit of work with perception of environmental sounds and I recall a few years ago I looked at the sex breakdown and didn't find much that was noteworthy.  The females performed slightly better overall than the males, which they usually do, but I don't recall any significant differences in terms of the types of sounds that were preferred by each group.  I have a whole new set of data I can analyze for gender differences and let  you know what I find.
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Dear Auditory List,

I would very much appreciate your suggestions about the literature regarding sex differences in perception of environmental sounds. I?m intrested in physiological indices of auditory predispositions for perception of different sounds we encounter in our natural environment.

Looking forward to any interesting suggestions or links.

Joanna Kantor