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Re: GPL realtime auditory modelling

DSAM is good stuff, from Lowell O'Mard at CNBH, based largely on his work at Ray Meddis's lab at Sussex.

Also from CNBH you can get the AIM-C package, which is perhaps a bit more real-time oriented, and comes more out of Roy Patterson's work. http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/groups/cnbh/research/aim.php

Its author Tom Walters works with me now, and has put the latest version up on Google Code: http://aimc.acousticscale.org/ http://code.google.com/p/aimc/

The license is now Apache v2, which should be at least as usable as GPL; feel free to bug Tom about it, or join the project.

I haven't actually used either of these code packages myself. If AIM-C is not fast enough for you, I'll be happy to help you with some speedup ideas.


At 6:36 PM +0100 5/18/10, Dan Stowell wrote:
Dear list,

I've been looking for open-source (GPL-compatible) C code for auditory modelling in a real-time system. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

In particular, I recently came across DSAM http://dsam.org.uk/ - I don't think I've heard of it before, so I wonder if people on this list have experience of using it.


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