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Event1:Recommender Functions on MIR Community

Dear list

A demo paper about the recommender functions on MIR Community/SoSoMIR has bee accepted by JCDL10 (acceptance rate, 10/18). We would like to invite all MIR researchers to engage with SoSoMIR, a social web site devoted especially to MIR research interests.
Some functions are described in the following:

Digital library for MIR: All of the bibliographic data and papers come from the ISMIR conferences. All URLs of ISMIR proceedings are recorded in our system. The main MIR topics are categorized according to the sections in ISMIR conferences in past ten years. Users are able to post any comments on any papers in terms of the intensive research topics. Thus, it helps keep track of temporal intensities of topics over a sharing place.

Social search: Our system supports search and retrieval over the social context. Various system entities (location, interests, etc) are searchable. Users can easily find any papers by typing author name, keywords etc.

Expertise recommendation: Users search papers by typing topics or terminology in the search bar. It is easy to find related papers and people. System matches research topics to experts who have published some papers related to them and allow users to interactively learn about other users’ expertise and their papers. Some academic-social-related contents are recommended as valuable interesting references according to their relevance.


Yi Yu
Volunteer and System Administrator on SoSoMIR