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Psychoacoustics: a comprehensive MATLAB toolbox for auditory testing

Dear all,

we (i.e. Alessandro Soranzo, Mauro Borgo and I) just completed PSYCHOACOUSTICS: a matlab toolbox for adaptive auditory threshold estimation.

The toolbox enables to estimate auditory thresholds with:
- the Staircase family (i.e., method of limits, simple up-down, transformed up-down);
- the PEST procedure;
- the maximum likelihood procedure (i.e., MLP, the toolbox we created a couple of years ago);

The toolbox comes with more than twenty built-in, classic experiments. For each experiment, the parameters of the procedure can be set through a graphical interface. It requires MATLAB 7 (or higher) and can be found at the following webpage:


A nice day to everybody,

ps: MLP users are recommended to drop the old version and use the version of MLP included in PSYCHOACOUSTICS.