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Re: New Book: See What I'm Saying

Paul Bach-y-Rita would be so happy! What a shame that he had to die with so much more to say and do left behind...


Peter Meijer wrote:
Hi Larry,

I checked out the link to your book on Amazon, and it looks interesting!

> auditory list members might be interested in using the book for teaching, > and as a way to update their knowledge on some of the most exciting findings
> in the smell, taste, touch and sight literatures.

Since you are posting on an auditory list and in your book describe the
amazing echolocation skills of Daniel Kish as well as discuss sensory
substitution through the tactile modality as pursued by Paul Bach-y-Rita,
you might also be interested in research at the cross-roads of all this
in the form of auditory displays for the blind: www.seeingwithsound.com

A few recent - as of 2007 - publications based on this are appended, in
reverse chronological order.

Best regards,

Peter Meijer