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The Neurosciences and Music IV

Dear List,

Please see the message below from the Mariani Foundation
regarding the fourth ***Neurosciences and Music*** conference.

These conferences have been a vital force in this emerging field.

Please direct enquiries to: neuromusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Detailed enrolment information will be available after 15 September 2010


Ani Patel



The Neurosciences and Music IV
Learning and Memory

9-12 June 2011
Assembly Hall & The Hub

in partnership with IMHSD - Institute for Music in Human and Social
Development, University of Edinburgh

Scientific Committee: Katie Overy, Eckart Altenmüller, Giuliano Avanzini,
Tim Griffiths, Stefan Koelsch, Raymond MacDonald, Lauren Stewart, Barbara
Tillmann, Sandra Trehub, Robert Turner.

Scientific Advisors: Isabelle Peretz, Robert Zatorre
Scientific Secretariat: Luisa Lopez

PROGRAM PREVIEW: Symposia, Lectures, Poster Sessions, Workshops

Researchers, clinicians and musicians are invited to submit proposals for
Symposia via e-mail by October, 15 2010. Details on submission
requirements will be posted on the Mariani Foundation?s website from June
15, 2010. Proposals should be organized around a specific topic related to
Learning and Memory and in relation to the themes of ?Infants and
Children?, ?Adults and Musicians?, ?Disability and Aging? and ?Therapy and
Rehabilitation?. Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee
and selected on the basis of merit and interest to the research community.

Email: neuromusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Detailed enrolment information will be available after 15 September 2010

The Pierfranco and Luisa Mariani Foundation

During its twenty-five years of activity, the Mariani Foundation ? by
organizing a variety of advanced courses, providing research grants, and
supporting specialized care ? has established itself as a leading
organization in the field of paediatric neurology. The Foundation works in
close cooperation with major public healthcare institutions, complementing
their scientific programs and other activities. In 2009 it became the
first private entity in Italy to join the founding members of the
Neurologic Institute ?Carlo Besta? in Milan. In addition to its services,
the Foundation aims, through its continuing medical education courses and
its publishing program, to transmit the latest discoveries in the field of
paediatric neurology so that they can be applied most effectively in
treating or mitigating a large number of paediatric neurologic disorders.

More recently, the Mariani Foundation has added a new and important
dimension to its activities: fostering the study of the multiple links
between the neurosciences and music. The positive results of this
commitment have been exemplified in its first three conferences, held in
Venice (2002), Leipzig (2005), and Montreal (2008), the last held in
collaboration with the internationally renowned and highly active
International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research (BRAMS). All
these meetings have led to the publication of major volumes in the Annals
of the New York Academy of Sciences. By providing the most recent
information in these rapidly advancing neurologic fields, the Mariani
Foundation intends to be a reliable and informative source for journalists
and specialists in this new area of the neurosciences.