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Opportunities at Advanced Bionics

Dear List,
Advanced Bionics is a company that develops cochlear implant technology. Our recent partnership with Sonova/Phonak (a hearing aid company) brings many exciting opportunities. There are several openings for a broad, experienced research DSP engineers to join the research team that is focused on signal processing in next-generation cochlear implant systems. A sample job description is included below.
If you are interested, please send your resume to me at: LeonidL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (or simply reply to this email).
I look forward to hearing from you!


Research DSP Engineer


A. Primary Function

Provide technical support, and contribute to efforts of the existing team that conducts research on optimal ways of encoding speech and music for cochlear implant recipients.


B. Duties and responsibilities

1. Implement new embedded firmware and software that operates on custom hardware platforms based on DSP processors and custom ICs for use in cochlear implant systems.

- Interface to custom IC circuitry, conversion circuitry, analog circuitry, sensor/transducer interface circuitry, and communication circuitry.    

- Implement optimized signal processing algorithms supporting speech processing strategies for cochlear implant processing

- Work with existing firmware and software to make design changes, performance improvements and resolve design errors as needed.

2. Perform bench-testing of research software and firmware systems.

- Design and implement tests to be run on test equipment.

- Capture test data, generate test reports, and other supporting documentation per the development process.


C. Specialized Knowledge & Skills

1. Strong skills for programming in MATLAB required.

2. Familiarity with implementing embedded software applications in C and assembler on DSP platforms.

3. Low-level fixed-point DSP programming experience for low-power signal processing applications is desirable.

4. Ability to work with cross functional groups to debug and troubleshoot systems issues.

5. Familiarity with .NET/C# programming is a plus.

6. Background in audio digital signal processing is a plus.


D. Experience

A minimum of  3  years relevant diverse experience in the development of software for research purposes, preferably for a medical application highly desired.

Experience with embedded systems preferred.

Experience with data acquisition systems preferred.


E. Education & Training

BS, MS or Ph.D. degree in Electrical/Computer/Biomedical Engineering or a related field.