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Rationale for Critical Bands

Dear all,

I am getting more and more confused by this discussion.
It would help if every contributor started by giving his/her definition of Critical Band.
I am used to using Scharf's (1970) definition:
"The critical band is a band of that width at which subjective responses change rather abruptly." So the CB may be related to auditory filters, but it is not in the definition.

Martin Braun wrote:
"1) The quality of speech perception does not deteriorate when sound level increases from 50 to 80 dB.

2) The consonance vs. dissonance balance of a musical chord does not change when sound level increases from 50 to 80 dB.

These observations tell us that spectral filtering, including band filtering, in the auditory system is as good as unchanged in this level range."

To me it is not clear to me where you refer to auditory filter and where to critical band. It might help a great deal if you would clarify this.


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