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Re: [***SPAM 7.329***] Re: Rationale for Critical Bands

Quoting Martin Braun <nombraun@xxxxxxxxx>:

Richard F. Lyon asked:

"I'm open to the idea that ....... some kinds of psychophysical experiments
give a CB that doesn't vary with level, though I
haven't really seen the evidence for it yet.
Maybe you can point us toward some."

The best "experiments" for your answers are ordinary speech and music.

1) The quality of speech perception does not deteriorate when sound level increases from 50 to 80 dB.

2) The consonance vs. dissonance balance of a musical chord does not change when sound level increases from 50 to 80 dB.

These observations tell us that spectral filtering, including band filtering, in the auditory system is as good as unchanged in this level range.


No, It does not tell us that spectral filtering is unchanged when level is changed, it probably tells us the "signal representation", may be in the form of interspike intervals, is unchanged with level. Ramdas Kumaresan