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Audiometer recommendations and advice

I'm looking to buy a reasonable audiometer that can automatically determine the hearing curve of our students against a calibrated reference.  Ideally it should have the facility to store hearing curves and upload them to a computer for further analysis, and being able to print a hearing curve (while connected to a printer) is a nice immediate result for the student.  All this at the lowest practical price.

I'm flexible with the idea of PC-based or stand-alone solutions, as long as I can essentially set it going and not have to further interface with it until it has determined the curves for, ideally, both ears.  As an inexpert in this area, what other things should I be looking for?

How often should these be calibrated, and what is a rough cost?

Do you have a recommendation for a particular model or range?  I'm based in the UK so availability here is important.

Please feel free to reply to me directly rather than to the entire list.

Many thanks,

(Dr Alastair Disley, Music and Audio, University of Kent, UK)