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question about earbuds for lab rats..

Hi all, this is a question from my friend Erik Herzog, Assoc Prof of Biology at Washington Univ, St Louis. Please help if you can:

"I have a favor to ask.  I'm switching my sound system in my class to use ear buds or in-ear phones instead of a open speaker with a tube to the rat's ear.  We use tones from ~ 0.2-10 kHz to stimulate and measure audiograms and intensity-response functions.  We use a laptop sound card to generate the sounds, so you can see we're not too picky. Students will calibrate the output of the ear phone so they can correct for any fall off. Do you or your colleagues have any recommendations on ear buds which have a reasonable frequency response, not too expensive, and might tolerate the abuse of 36 undergraduates per week?"

Thanks much,


M Chatterjee, Ph.D.
Director, Cochlear Implants and Psychophysics Laboratory
Associate Professor, Hearing and Speech Sciences,
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