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[Fwd: i-Perception Announcement]

A message from the managing editors of Perception and the newly launched i-Perception is forwarded below


Tom Troscianko, Peter Thompson, and Tim Meese wrote:

Dear all - We are proud to announce that the new journal 'i-Perception' is open for viewing.

To get email alerts when issues have been completed please register at

Papers appear online as soon as they are ready for publication and an RSS feed (URL http://i-perception.perceptionweb.com/rss.cgi?journal=I) enables you to keep up to date with each new paper.

We hope you enjoy our new open access journal and will support it as readers, authors and reviewers.

Tom Troscianko
Peter Thompson
Tim Meese

Anthony J Watkins
Department of Psychology,
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences,
The University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6AL, UK.
phone: +44 (0)118-378-7559; fax: +44 (0)118-931-6715
home page: http://www.personal.rdg.ac.uk/~syswatkn/home.html
email: syswatkn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx