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Electro-acoustic engineer position opening

Dear List members,

EarLens Corporation is an early-stage start-up company creating a new generation of hearing devices.  The company was founded on a non-surgical technology for directly vibrating the eardrum.  The technology shows promise in improving speech intelligibility in background noise and enhancing the clarity of sound.  The company is currently in the product research phase but looking to rapidly move on to clinical studies. We have an opening for an electro-acoustic engineer position. Details are given below.

Description: EarLens Corporation is looking for an engineer with a special interest in audio signal processing and testing.  This engineer will be required to perform extensive electrical as well as acoustic testing of the device and it’s components during the full product development cycle including design, test, and manufacturing.  To be successful, the engineer should have a working knowledge of analog and digital circuitry and common signal analysis techniques like impulse responses and Fourier transforms.  The ability to use general laboratory equipment (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, FFT analyzers, differential amplifier/probes, microphones, etc.)  will be critical as will having a feel for the common problems associated with making measurements like grounding, probe capacitance/inductance, EM pickup through inductive coupling, and ground loops. Experience with acoustic measurements and/or photonics would also be beneficial.  In addition, the engineer should be able to post process the laboratory results with analysis software.  Experience with Matlab is strongly preferred.  Experience in writing formal requirements/design/verification and validation documents including release of documents for manufacturing is a big plus.  Experience managing out sourced PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly as well as the ability to modify the prototypes and fixtures are of interest.

Qualifications: The position requires an electrical engineering BS degree with more than ten years of experience or MS in electrical engineering with more than three years of experience and a working understanding of signal processing and analysis. The ideal candidate will be very familiar with acoustics, audio signals, and Class D amplifiers.  Proficiency using signal measurement equipment and computer analysis tools (e.g. Matlab) are required.  Strong analytical skills and the ability to present results in a clear fashion are also critical.

Please circulate to qualified candidates. 

Thank you

Sunil Puria, PhD
Chief Scientist

200 Chesapeake Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: (650) 366-9000