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Invitation to attend: Third International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems

On behalf of the organizing committee of the PQS 2010 (Third International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems), we would like to invite you to attend this exciting event that will happen in Bautzen, Germany, September 6-8, 2010. (http://www.ias.et.tu-dresden.de/akustik/PQS2010/).


Third International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems is a direct successor to the successful workshop series inaugurated in Herne in 2003, and in Berlin in 2006.


The quality of systems which address human perception is difficult to describe. An engineering approach to quality includes the consideration of how a system is perceived by its users, and how the needs and expectations of the users develop. Thus, quality assessment and prediction have to take the relevant human perception and judgement factors into account.


The workshop is intended to provide an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between both academic and industrial researchers working on different aspects of perceptual quality of systems.




“The importance of the individual modalities (audio, haptic and video) for user interface design”, Soren Bech, Bang & Olufsen a/s

“P.OLQA-Modell: Objective listening quality assessment”, Jens Berger, SwissQual AG

“Wine Quality”, Britta Wiegelmann, Vinum


Paper Presentations – Sorted by Sessions


Session I: Quality of Multimodal Perception I – Audiotactile Interaction

(I.I) Evaluation of Audio Driven Touch Feedback for a Groovebox. Sebastian Merchel, Ercan Altinsoy, Maik Stamm

(I.II)Identification accuracy and efficiency of haptic virtual objects using force-feedback. Maik Stamm, Ercan Altinsoy, Sebastian Merchel


Session II: Sound Quality

(II.I) A Layer Model of Sound Quality. Jens Blauert & Ute Jekosch

(II.II) Emoacoustics: a study on the physical and psychological dimensions of sound design. Erkin Asutay, Daniel Västfjäll, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Anders Genell, Penny Bergman, Mendel Kleiner

(II.III) Quality of Auditory-Tactile Virtual Environments. Ercan Altinsoy

(II.IV) The Semantic Space of Vehicle Sounds - An Approach to Develop a Semantic Differential in View of Customer Perceptions. Ercan Altinsoy, Michael Ferling, Ute Jekosch


Session III: User Quality Judgements

(III.I) Finding Patterns in User Quality Judgements. Maria Wolters, Florian Gödde, Sebastian Möller, Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht

(III.II) Gain from Strain? Measuring the Influence of User Fatigue on the Quality of Subjective Ratings. Raimund Schatz, Sebastian Egger, Stefan Scherer

(III.III) Confirmation or Disconfirmation of prior Expectations: Measuring the Perceptual Quality of Search Engines. Katrin Lamm


Session IV: Speech Quality I

(IV.I) Extending the E-Model to Better Capture Terminal Effects. Sebastian Möller, Frank Kettler, Hans-Wilhelm Gierlich, Nicolas Côté, Alexander Raake, Marcel Wältermann

(IV.II) Diagnostic Instrumental Assessment in a Super-Wideband Context.  Nicolas Côté, Vincent Koehl, Sebastian Möller, Alexander Raake, Marcel Wältermann, Valérie Gautier-Turbin


Session V: Speech Quality II

(V.I) How to talk about speech and audio quality with speech and audio people? Alexander Raake, Marcel Waltermann, Falk Schiffner, Bernhard Feiten

(V.II) Performance-based Measurement of Speech Quality with an Audio Proof-Reading Task. Mark Huckvale, Gaston Hilkhuysen, Deizom Frasi

(V.III) Can latent speech quality dimensions be quantified directly? Marcel Wältermann, Alexander Raake, Sebastian Möller


Session VI: Speech Quality III

(VI.I) Voice Transmission Quality in Contemporary Mobile Networks – MOS versus Perceptual Annoyance and Service Acceptability Thresholds and their 2-year Trends. Jan Holub

(VI.II) Subjective preference for amount of noise reduction. R. Houben, T.M.H. Dijkstra, W.A. Dreschler

(VI.III) Automatic usability evaluation for spoken dialog systems based on rules identified by a sociotechnical approach. Stefan Schmidt, Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht, Martin Meister, Julian Stubbe, Mandy Töppel, Sebastian Möller

(VI.IV) Neural correlates of speech degradation – Subjective ratings and brain activation in case of signal-correlated noise. Jan-Niklas Antons, Robert Schleicher, Benjamin Blankertz, Anne Porbadnigk, Sebastian Möller, Gabriel Curio


Session VII: Quality of Multimodal Perception II – Audiovisual Interaction

(VII.I) Quality Impact of Video Format and Scaling in the Context of IPTV. M.N. Garcia & A. Raake

(VII.II) Image Quality Impact and Comparison of Selected State-of-the-Art CFA Interpolation Techniques. Petr Dostal, Milos Klima

(VII.III) Coordinating speech and gesture: a look at quality perception with embodied conversational agents. David D. Pardo, Beatriz López-Mencía, Álvaro Hernández-Trapote, Luis Hernández-Gómez


Session IIX: Perceptual Studies on Spatial Audio Reproduction

(IIX.I) Perceived Sound Quality of Small Original and Optimized Loudspeaker Systems. Adrian Bahne

(IIX.II) Perceptual evaluation of individual headphone compensation for binaural synthesis. A.Lindau & F.Brinkmann 


Session IX: Hearing Aids and Performance Evaluation

(IX.I) A performance comparison of Home Usage Testing and Central Location Testing in small impairment listening tests. Søren Vase Legarth, Jesper Ramsgaard, Guillaume Le Ray, Nick Zacharov

(IX.II) Sensory evaluation of hearing aid performance based on normal-hearing listener. Søren Vase Legarth, Christian Stender Simonsen, Lars Bramsløw, Guillaume Le Ray, Nick Zacharov



Looking forward to seeing you in Bautzen in September 2010!


Workshop Chair:

Ute Jekosch

Ercan Altinsoy

Sebastian Möller

Alexander Raake