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Re: References needed on Timbre representation

This is the main one that springs to mind for me:


	Author = {Caclin, A. and Giard, M.-H. and Smith, B. K. and McAdams, S.},
	Doi = {10.1016/j.brainres.2006.12.065},
	Journal = {Brain Research},
Keywords = {Audition; Timbre; Dimensional interaction; Garner interference; Reaction time},
	Pages = {159--170},
Title = {Interactive processing of timbre dimensions: a {G}arner interference study},
	Volume = {1138},
	Year = {2007},
Abstract = { Timbre characterizes the identity of a sound source. Psychoacoustic studies have revealed that timbre is a multidimensional perceptual attribute with multiple underlying acoustic dimensions of both temporal and spectral types. Here we investigated the relations among the processing of three major timbre dimensions characterized acoustically by attack time, spectral centroid, and spectrum fine structure. All three pairs of these dimensions exhibited Garner interference: speeded categorization along one timbre dimension was affected by task-irrelevant variations along another timbre dimension. We also observed congruency effects: certain pairings of values along two different dimensions were categorized more rapidly than others. The exact profile of interactions varied across the three pairs of dimensions tested. The results are interpreted within the frame of a model postulating separate channels of processing for auditory attributes (pitch, loudness, timbre dimensions, etc.) with crosstalk between channels.}


On 23/07/2010 11:48, SIAN EDWARDS wrote:
Dear List,
I am currently looking at timbre perception in children, with particular
reference to music. Wondered if anyone could recommend references for
literature on timbre representation within the auditory system.
Many thanks,
Sian Edwards
PhD Student - UCL Ear Institute