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Re: Conversion of '*.bin' to '*.wav' extension



If you have access to MatLab this is fairly simple. You can read the file in using fread with the 'int16' option, and then write them out as a .wav file using wavwrite. (That assumes signed 16bit ints, for unsigned use 'uint16')


To convert every .bin file in the current working directory to a .wav file, something like the below should work (excuse the messy code, it's not elegant, but will hopefully be effective).


input_list = dir('*.bin');

for i = 1:length(input_list)

                fid = fopen(input_list(i).name);

                data = ""



                clear data



Sam Jelfs


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Dear list,

I have sound files in the '*.bin' extension format and I need to convert it to  '*.wav' format. The files are ordinary binary files with 16 bit integer values and no file header.

Any suggestions please?


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