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Re: AW: Hearing Loss "False Positives"

Exactly.  The focus should not be on "less than we thought,"  but rather that there are even any number of teens that have hearing loss.  These are kids who are 10, 11, 12 years old who have a loss due to a self-imposed infliction.  These kids should not have a loss at all. 

My problem with this study is that it gives the impression that the situation is not that bad.  On the contrary, I repeat...the fact that there are any teenagers with a self-imposed hearing loss should be the focus.


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Dear Kevin,

From a non-professional: 10 percent of 14.9 percent is about 1.5 percent; that leaves 13.4 percent of teenagers with hearing loss, which is still frightening. From "Molecular Biology of the Cell", Part V, Chapter 22: "Auditory Hair Cells Have to Last a Lifetime".


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Would anyone in the professional community care to comment on this?
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A new study from the University of Minnesota says that we're overestimating the amount of teens with hearing loss. 
Thanks in advance.