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Re: Hearing Loss "False Positives"


In the link, it says "10 percent of the 14.9 percent figure"; admittedly, that can be interpreted in two ways. I still tend to favor mine; but even 4.9 percent would be worrying. Anecdotally, one of my grandsons did damage his outer hair cells by a loud noise, namely by that of a fire cracker. Loud music is dangerous too, I think.


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I think you're misreading this.  The paper says that a reasonable statistical model reveals that the method used in previous studies will find roughly 10% of children with normal hearing to have a measured hearing loss that isn't real.  You subtract that from the 14.9% figure and you get less than 5% of children with high-frequency hearing loss, and probably the majority of these are from causes other than loud noises.  

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Dear Kevin,

From a non-professional: 10 percent of 14.9 percent is about 1.5 percent; that leaves 13.4 percent of teenagers with hearing loss, which is still frightening. From "Molecular Biology of the Cell", Part V, Chapter 22: "Auditory Hair Cells Have to Last a Lifetime".


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Would anyone in the professional community care to comment on this?
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A new study from the University of Minnesota says that we're overestimating the amount of teens with hearing loss. 
Thanks in advance.