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stable I/O SYNCH audio card devices on linux


My lab has tested the Echo Layla3G extensively on Linux for the past 9 months or more and we think we are seeing issue with synchronization.  We are considering other cards, but I want to ask you all if you've work with Linux (any flavor) and any multi-ch i/o card where I/O synchronization is stable for research purposes?

I'm going to now try the CardDeluxe and will let you know what we find.

On this list the only entry I found was the RME Multiface sound cards: 


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Am 21. Feb. 2010 um 19:12 Uhr schrieb G. Robert Arrabito: > I did a quick search on the last two years of the auditory mailing list > archives on pc sound card recommendations and didn't find much on the > topic so hence my post to the list. I am looking for recommendations for > an internal PC high quality sound card that will be used to output > auditory stimuli in my experiments. That depends on your - system architecture - operating system - number of input/output channels - kind of interfaces (analog/digital...) - budget - ... . In our lab we have good experience with RME Multiface sound cards[1]. > Would also be nice if there is an accompanying software development > kit. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks. A sound card shouldn't require a special SDK. Instead, use one of the sound APIs of your operating system. If you are using Linux, use ALSA[2]

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