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.mov --> .mpeg --> DVD conversion

Dear Listserv;

I don't know if this inquiry is appropriate for this listserv, but I am hoping someone can instruct or guide me on how to solve this problem. Thus far, those whom I consulted (or material and converters I downloaded from internet) have not been helpful.

I received a movie of a demonstration that someone recorded in .mov format. I need to burn a DVD of this movie clip, but Adobe on my computer cannot read .mov files, so I converted the .mov file using Adobe Elements (4.0) on my computer to a .mpeg file. The movie demo is saved on my computer (as a .mpeg) and I can play the movie clip on my computer and even burn a DVD of it, but when I place the DVD into the DVD player, there is an error message that reads "disk error". 

I also converted the .mov file using Adobe Elements (4.0) to a .mov file and burned that to a DVD, but the DVD player cannot play the movie clip and the same "disk error" appears. I downloaded the ImTOO MPEG to DVD converter 6 off the internet and followed the instructions to no avail. At most, all I got on the DVD player monitor/screen is a small framed picture of the movie in the upper left corner. When I press the remote to "play" the DVD, I get the same "disk error" message.

Any advice or guidance is appreciated. I hope this makes sense.

Many thanks,


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