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Re: .mov --> .mpeg --> DVD conversion

Dear Mary,

Unless your DVD player is a recent model that can play all types of
files, you will have to feed him a disk respecting the DVD-Video
standard, which is in short a special filesystem with a VIDEO_TS
folder filled with a lot of strange .VOB files. What you need is an
authoring tool, that will automatically create a compatible video
disc. I do not know which OS you are using. Under Windows I have been
using Nero Vision Express, which is not free but works in a fast and
easy manner for beginners. You might be able to find freeware
authoring tools for your operating system. If after proper authoring
nevertheless you are still unable to read the disk, you want to try a
different type of blank-DVD, since some dvd players sometimes work
better with one type than with another (ie try us a DVD-R instead of a
DVD+R or vice versa).

Hope that helps,


Alexandre Lehmann

On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 12:10 AM, Mary Andrianopoulos
<mva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Listserv;
> I don't know if this inquiry is appropriate for this listserv, but I am hoping someone can instruct or guide me on how to solve this problem. Thus far, those whom I consulted (or material and converters I downloaded from internet) have not been helpful.
> I received a movie of a demonstration that someone recorded in .mov format. I need to burn a DVD of this movie clip, but Adobe on my computer cannot read .mov files, so I converted the .mov file using Adobe Elements (4.0) on my computer to a .mpeg file. The movie demo is saved on my computer (as a .mpeg) and I can play the movie clip on my computer and even burn a DVD of it, but when I place the DVD into the DVD player, there is an error message that reads "disk error".
> I also converted the .mov file using Adobe Elements (4.0) to a .mov file and burned that to a DVD, but the DVD player cannot play the movie clip and the same "disk error" appears. I downloaded the ImTOO MPEG to DVD converter 6 off the internet and followed the instructions to no avail. At most, all I got on the DVD player monitor/screen is a small framed picture of the movie in the upper left corner. When I press the remote to "play" the DVD, I get the same "disk error" message.
> Any advice or guidance is appreciated. I hope this makes sense.
> Many thanks,
> Mary
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