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SMPC 2011: Second call for paper and student awards

(With apologies for cross-postings)


Please remember to submit your abstracts for SMPC 2011 by February 1st,
Send abstracts to smpc2011submission@xxxxxxxxx
Text from the original call for papers can be found here:

Also, SMPC is pleased to announce  that we will be sponsoring two
merit-based awards for outstanding student researchers who are first-author
on a paper or poster at the annual meeting in Rochester, NY.
·     Travel awards ($250 each)
·     One Outstanding Student Researcher award ($250 additional)
To be eligible for any of these awards, students should complete a two-stage
submission process:
1.    Submit an abstract by the regular February 1 deadline to

2.    Submit a two-page version of the paper or poster for award
consideration by a deadline of March 1.
Submissions for student travel awards should also be submitted to
smpc2011submissions@xxxxxxxxxx The subject header should read ³Travel award
submission for LASTNAME², including the last name of the student (first
author) who is applying for the award. Please include author names and
affiliations in the body of the email, along with the title.
The 2-page paper should be included as an attachment in word (*.doc, .docx)
or adobe (.pdf) format. The paper should include the title of the submission
(which should match the title used for the initial abstract submission), but
should NOT include the author name. The 2-page limit includes space for the
title, references, and any figures or tables the author may wish to include.
Double spacing should be used, as well as 1-inch margins and font equivalent
in size to 12-point times roman.
The paper should be an expanded version of the submitted abstract, with the
headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions. This list of headings
may be recycled for papers that summarize multiple experiments, if the
author wishes to do so.
All papers will be evaluated by a blind review committee.  The program
committee chair (Peter Pfordresher) will receive the email submissions but
will not participate in the review process.
Awards will be announced by April 30th. Funds will be disbursed at the
business meeting during the conference in Rochester.  From the award
winners, the SMPC board will choose one student (based on the full
conference presentation) for the "SMPC 2011 outstanding student researcher
award", which will consist of an additional $250. The names of all award
winners will be posted at the conference and on the SMPC website.

Peter Q. Pfordresher, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology, SUNY Buffalo
Office:   355 Park Hall      (Tel: 716.645.0234)
Lab:      336-338 Park Hall  (Tel: 716.645.0225)
Fax:      716.645.3801