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Intern position at Orange R&D, Lannion, France

Title: Intern position at Orange R&D, Lannion, France


There is an available intern position at Orange Labs for 6 months, starting on March or April. The title of the project is : Precedence Effect and Multichannel Reproduction, building a 3D masking model for impulse responses.

Indeed, precedence effect play a huge role in the spatial perception of room effect, yet most of the previous psychoacoustical experiments were mainly focused on simple and frontal sources, and therefore are not very suitable in order to predict the impact of the effect when using multichannel audio technologies. So, after a bibliographical phase, the intern will have two main missions :
- Extend psychoacoustics data on this effect, especially to the whole space.
- Propose a masking model for room impulse responses.

Competences needed are knowledge on acoustics, psychoacoustics and experimental procedures, proficiency with Matlab and statistical analysis tools, and good level of english. Conversational french would be appreciated.

The internship will take place in a 3D audio expert team, under the supervision of Rozenn Nicol and myself. Depending on the results, it could lead to a PhD position.

If you are interested, or know people who would be interested by this offer, let me know at romain.deprez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Romain Deprez
Ph.D. Student in 3D Audio Technologies
2, avenue Pierre Marzin
22307 Lannion Cedex
Tél: +33 (0)2 96 05 17 88