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Re: Effects of high-G on human hearing

Title: [AUDITORY] Effects of high-G on human hearing

Neil and List,


Not voice specifically, but for auditory localisation you may wish to look at:


Nelson, W. T., Bolia, R. S., & Tripp, L. D. (2001). Auditory localization under sustained +G(z) acceleration. Human Factors, 43(2), 299–309. 


Sam Jelfs


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Subject: [AUDITORY] Effects of high-G on human hearing


Hello All,

Trying to short cut an attack on Google here - can anyone point me at any research related to the effect of high 'G' loading on human hearing. My core interest is understanding the sort of effect a fighter pilot might experience during high-G maneuvers with respect to both voice communications (via helmet/headset) and that of the aircraft sounds.

Thanks in anticipation, Neil

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