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Re: Effects of high-G on human hearing

Hi Neil, 

You might try:
"Griffin, M.J. (1990). Handbook of Human Vibration. Elsevier Academic


>Date:    Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:17:24 -0500
>From:    Neil Waterman <neil.waterman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Effects of high-G on human hearing
>Hello All,
>Trying to short cut an attack on Google here - can anyone point me at =
>any research related to the effect of high 'G' loading on human hearing. =
>My core interest is understanding the sort of effect a fighter pilot =
>might experience during high-G maneuvers with respect to both voice =
>communications (via helmet/headset) and that of the aircraft sounds.
>Thanks in anticipation, Neil