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Re: Singing repositories available & bit depth/sample rate advices

Yes, when people sightread, either as a result of good relative or absolute pitch, they often report that they can hear the note in their 'heads', internally without any vocal production.  The only difference b/w relative and absolute pitch, in this regard, is that the former need a starting basis, e.g. memory for a 440-Hz A, whereas the latter are able to do this in the absence of any reference notes; their pitch measure being 'absolute', as it were...

On 4 Mar 2011, at 22:47, Coralie Vincent wrote:

Hello Jose,

When I write "they can hear", I really mean "hear", not "read". To me, this has nothing to do with 'sight reading', does it? Or did I misunderstood something? Please, clarify your question if I had it wrong.
The point is to get an idea of non-expert singers abilities to sing (again, as a speaker would do for his/her mother tongue, for example).

So, again, thank you for any link towards a singing repository and for comments on the bit depth/sample rate chosen.


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