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Re: Singing repositories available & bit depth/sample rate advices


Thank you for the explanations.

I just want to precise that the kind of repositories we are
interested in could also be people recorded singing not for
experimental psychology studies. It could be collections of folksongs, for
So, contact me if you know such a database or have been involved in
the creation of it!


Jose Ignacio Alcantara <jia10@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Yes, when people sightread, either as a result of good relative or absolute pitch, they often report that they can hear the note in their 'heads', internally without any vocal production. The only difference b/w relative and absolute pitch, in this regard, is that

the former need a starting basis, e.g. memory for a 440-Hz A,
the latter are able to do this in the absence of any reference
their pitch measure being 'absolute', as it were...

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