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Re: frequency to mel formula

Thanks so much!  I await your findings.


At 7:24 AM +0000 3/10/11, Arne Leijon wrote:
I can go to the library and look at those reports, but probably not until next week.
There are actually two reports,
one about vowel sounds, from 1948, and the cited one
about consonant sounds, from 1949.

I will look into both, just in case Gunnar Fant cited the wrong one.

Arne Leijon


 Date:    Wed, 9 Mar 2011 08:03:45 -0800
 From:    "Richard F. Lyon" <DickLyon@xxxxxxx>
 Subject: Re: frequency to mel formula

 Can I get a volunteer in Stockholm to help with this mel formula quest?

 Cecilia at the National Library of Sweden=20
 ("Info-kb-se" <info@xxxxx>) has found the 1949=20
 =46ant report, and says "I have now glanced through=20
 the book twice without finding the formula you=20
 are looking for."

 If someone who knows what they're looking for and=20
 reads Swedish has the time to look better, it=20
 would really be interesting to know what Fant=20
 referred to when he said "This formula, discussed=20
 in more detail earlier (Fant, 1949), is a better=20
 approximation than the Koenig scale..."