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Post-Doctoral Position in the area of BILATERAL COCHLEAR IMPLANTS

Announcing a new Post-Doctoral Position in the area of BILATERAL COCHLEAR IMPLANTS. At the in the Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

A new position is open for a post-doctoral researcher or senior research associate, in the laboratory of Ruth Litovsky. The position is funded by a grant from the NIH-NIDCD. Research will focus on studies with humans who use bilateral cochlear implants, and in normal-hearing listeners. Studies with bilateral implant users focus on sensitivity to binaural electrical stimulation, using research processors that bypass clinical processors and allow us to synchronized inputs to specific pairs of electrodes in the right and left ears. We are interested in the mechanisms for stimulation and training that enable listeners to combine inputs to the two ears in ways that enhance perception and source segregation. In addition, we investigate functional abilities in free field on measures of speech intelligibility in noise, spatial release from masking and sound localization. Studies with normal-hearing listeners are aimed at investigating basic auditory mechanisms related to listening in complex acoustic environments, often by simulating aspects of degraded auditory function in cochlear implant listeners.

Our lab provides an interactive environment amongst researchers and students, with various collaborative efforts at Wisconsin and at other institutions. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a distinguished history of research in hearing science, and offers unique opportunities for research collaborations through the Waisman Center, Departments of Communicative Disorders, Psychology, Physiology, Anatomy, Surgery/ENT, Biomedical Engineering, and others; as well as the Neuroscience Training Program and Neuroengineering Training Program.

Please submit inquiries with CV and three contacts for references to Ruth Litovsky, Litovsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.